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YAM teachers understand the importance of making our environment welcoming, unintimidating and positive. Classes are accessible to everyone–from the tight athlete who can barely touch his toes, to the adventurous teen who wants to try yoga, to the empty-nester who may feel self-conscious at a gym. And we always keep in mind that we need to challenge the most flexible dancer, or seasoned yogi.


YAM Power Flow classes are meant to be athletic, and taught so that all levels can experience a great class. Cardio, strength, balance, and mindfulness are all emphasized while building flexibility. Teachers provide easy to follow verbal cues and modifications, so students don’t feel lost, while also providing options to intensify, allowing each student to find their edge. The whole body is cared for as the teachers touch on each muscle group. The studio is warmed to approximately 80 degrees.


YAM Slower Flow classes are led with breath-based movements, but have a more restorative approach and are excellent for beginners. Whether you are an athlete needing a deep stretch, or just want to open up and oxygenate your muscles and ligaments from daily wear and tear, you will benefit from this gentler class. Additional perks include deep relaxation and calming of the nervous system. The studio is warmed to approximately 80 degrees.

Classes Begin APRIL 29, 2019

(Pending certificate of occupancy.)


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