Li-Ya Maria Mar
Li-Ya Maria Mar

Background & Influence

I started yoga hoping to manage my chronic upper back shoulder pain back in grad school. Yoga not only saved me from physical discomfort; it became my lifestyle. I remember meditation was never easy, but with yoga, breathing and calmness come naturally.

I received my 200-hour teacher training in alignment-based Vinyasa Flow in the lineage of Shiva Rae and has studied with teachers in Ashtanga, Prajna, Pralaya and many more.

Serving also as a personal trainer specializing in functional movements, I love incorporating challenging movements with proper alignments in my classes. I’m also a certified instructor of TRX and Animal Flow, which are done by elite athletes all over the world.

Power Flow / Vinyasa with Maria

Maria has such good flow and eases into everything so nicely. Every teacher here has their style and they are all great!

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Li-Ya Maria Mar

Class Vibe

Breath-centered flow with calming energy and mindful movements.